Values are the set of ethical or operating principles and beliefs that guide decision making within Inverclyde Carers Centre. It is important that Carers tell us how well they think we implement these as they set out a picture of how we will strive to work with all people involved with our service.

Our Values

To exceed Carer expectations in delivering high quality information, support and services.

To treat people with respect, dignity and courtesy.

To work together as one team for the good of Carers.

To ask Carers views and ensure their best interests are at the heart of decision making.

To treat Carers fairly and equally.

To be ethical, honest and open.

To be accountable and responsible for the support and services we provide.

 If Carers feel we do something well we need to hear about it to ensure we continue to do this, likewise if there’s something we could improve on then we also need to hear this.

At the centre AGM on 15th February 2017 we took the opportunity to ask Carers, how well they feel we implement these principles and beliefs. We asked them to give us a score out of 5 for each value and then tell us why they thought this. We scored full marks for all but we know there is still room for improvement. Here are the Carer's responses.


Carers who are registered know all too well just how difficult it can be to make that initial contact. We want to thank them for sharing their words of encouragement and allowing us to use this as publicity.