nursing staff helping man using a blood pressure machine -

Nursing Care

Your local authority does a care needs assessment to identify if nursing care is needed.  A financial assessment is also completed to work out how much should be paid towards their care home fees.  If the care is arranged by the NHS or social services, the person you care for may not have to pay for some or all of the care.  Once the decision has been made for nursing care you will be instructed by a HSCP Staff on the next stages of the process.

The financial assessment will look at income and capital, such as savings and property. Whether you have to pay, and if so, how much, depends on how much income or capital the person need care has.  If you and the person you care for jointly hold capital, such as a savings account, it’ll be treated as divided equally between the two of you.  In some circumstances your home won’t be included in the means test, for example, if you still live there.