Hi my name is Lorna and I joined the centre as Manager in 2008 having worked in various Community Learning Development posts in Inverclyde and Argyll & Bute.  My work at the centre has grown and developed over the years as we have attracted a wider range of funding.  The main purpose remains the same, to look after the operational management of the organisation, the day to day running.  As the team has grown and frontline Carer Support Work has developed, I am able to focus more on the strategic work of the organisation.  Over the last year much of this focus has been on developing Inverclyde Carers Strategy 2016 -2020 and ensuring this reflects the needs of Inverclyde Carers.  My position is both challenging and rewarding, working closely with Inverclyde HSCP and Board of Directors.  Having volunteered with Scottish Community Foundation and Poppy Scotland for a number of years I understand the commitment required of our Board Members and hold them in the highest regard.  Without their dedication the organisation would not exist.