GroceryAid is the national charity that helps people across the whole of the grocery industry – from the largest factory through the supply chain, to the smallest store.

"If you are undertaking unpaid care for a relative or friend who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction cannot cope without your support, then you are a Carer. There are an estimated 250,000 Carers currently working in the grocery industry.

People don't always choose to become Carers, it just happens. If they didn't do it, who knows what would happen to the person they care for? The stress of coping with caring and working can become unbearable for many, however, there is now support available from GroceryAid for unpaid Carers and those who are cared for by unpaid Carers. Our Carers Programme is open to people who work, or have worked, in the grocery industry.

Did you know?

There are almost seven million Carers in the UK (Carers Trust)

One in seven of employees in any workplace is a Carer (Carers UK)

More than 30% of the people GroceryAid currently support are Carers

How can GroceryAid help?

GroceryAid has a tailored programme to help relieve some of the stress caused by caring. The GroceryAid Carers Programme is open to people who work, or have worked, in any part of the grocery industry. Our programme supports those who:

- give unpaid care to others
- are cared for by unpaid Carers

Benefits of the programme include:
- Annual visits by Caseworkers to help provide practical and emotional support
- Access to expert support through the confidential 24/7 Helpline service
- Advice on local support groups through the Helpline service
- Access to telephone counselling services which help people deal with stress, anxiety and depression

Those who meet GroceryAid eligibility criteria may also receive:
- Up to £300 annually for a respite break that suits the Carers needs
- Quarterly financial payments, for an initial 12 month period
- Enrolment, where appropriate, on the GroceryAid job re-entry programme"