Comment or Suggestion

The Inverclyde Carers Centre would like to hear Carers comments or suggestions with regard to services you receive from us and support to Carers. You can do this by speaking to a member of staff or using our comments and suggestions box displayed within the centre.


From time to time Carers may be unhappy with the services received.  If it happens to you we would suggest you discuss this with a member of staff or the Manager who will assist you to resolve any concerns you may have. If you are not satisfied or find it difficult to complain directly to those involved we would encourage you to make a formal complaint. Inverclyde Carers Centre has a Complaints Policy, a copy of which can be obtained from our office.

How complaints are handled

All formal complaints shall be dealt with by the Manager.  Only if the complaint is about the Manager or a member of the Management Committee will it be taken directly to the 3 members of the committee assigned to deal with complaints.

The person who makes the complaint will be contacted within ten working days and the issue discussed further.  An attempt will be made to resolve any problems at this stage.

If the timescales cannot be met, complainants will be notified of the reason for the delay and advised of the likely date by which action will be taken.

If the person complaining is not satisfied that their issue has been satisfactorily dealt with, the complaint will be passed to 3 members of the management committee assigned to deal with complaints or the Chair.  A written response will be given within one month.

Where a complaint is in relation to services provided through funding from Inverclyde Health & Social Care Partnership the person complaining can contact the HSCP, Contract Monitoring Department on 01475 715365 at any stage.

Policy Reviewed 19.7.17