We promote ‘Carer Awareness’ through our attendance at various community events across Inverclyde. A Carer Support Worker will be on hand, at a stall, to answer any questions from the public and provide leaflets on the Carers Centre services & support. 

We also work closely with statutory services and a number of third sector organisations in supporting Carers.  In addition to this we can provide training for organisations to develop or enhance their ‘Carer Awareness’. 

We provide talks to various support organisations and are now focusing on promoting ‘Carer Awareness’ with employers. Highlighting the benefits of being a ‘Carer Positive’ employer and the rights that working Carers have.

Carer Positive Award & Employment Rights

The Carer Positive Award initiative is funded by the Scottish Government and is being operated by Carers Scotland.  It began back in 2011 as a government manifesto commitment to 'Care for Carers'. The award aims to encourage employers to create a supportive working environment for Carers in the workplace and to offer flexibility they often need to stay in work.

Currently 73 employers across Scotland (including Inverclyde Carers Centre), from small charities to big national companies have gained the Award. This means 270,000 Carers are now being supported in their workplaces.

For Carers, work can often represent a lifeline, as it provides a life outside of caring. Carers who are not supported by their employers can suffer from high levels of stress and exhaustion. The effects of this can be damaging both in the workplace and at home. Research has shown that 1 in 5 Carers have had to give up work as juggling work and a caring role became too much.

Employers will benefit from becoming Carer Positive by retaining experienced workers, reducing staff absences and making huge savings on recruitment costs. It is a simple self-assessment process and there are no costs for the award.