Norman and Kim care for their 8 year old daughter Layla who has cystic fibrosis. They had been advised to register with their local Carers centre to find out about the range of supports in their area. Both Norman and Kim had completed a Carers Self Assessment following their registration at the centre which  identified the need for a break. Both of them juggle working and caring for Layla and found that any spare time they have is focused around hospital appointments and their daughter’s care needs. Norman and Kim share a keen interest in walking and had highlighted that for health reasons they would love to get fit and take this up again in the summer.

Having completed a short break planner they had again reinforced the need for a break and had considered asking family to support them to look after Layla to enable them to get some time to themselves. The question was asked about barriers to achieving their goal, which was simply the weather, as they didn’t fancy walking in the rain. It was then that the idea was put to them about applying for wet weather gear to aid them on their quest. Having considered purchasing these items themselves, they found that they couldn’t fund such an expense. After discussing this with them at length, an application was then completed and submitted to the Time to Live fund which was  successful. This fund was able to provide Norman and Kim with a grant to purchase walking boots and waterproof clothing, enabling them to go out walking regardless of the weather.