Maureen recently accessed our Family Short Break funding to allow her and her family to spend a few days at a lovely cottage in Aberdeenshire.  This is what Maureen had to say about the break.

"I was referred to Carer's Short Breaks by a lovely woman who had recently sat and listened to me break down in tears. Shortly after being referred I was contacted by a man named Stuart McInnes who informed me that I met the criteria for the offer of a short break, I was buzzing with excitement,  I couldn't believe it at first it seemed unreal!

I was told by Stuart to look for a short break and then send details with dates to him and don't do anything else as this would be getting discussed first, so I done as he asked me to do.  Stuart got in touch shortly after I gave dates and venue to him and confirmed that it was booked and paid for.  I could not wait to tell my son as I knew I had found somewhere to suit his disabilities and needs.  I was even more impressed by the fact that I didn't have to do anything but get myself and son there, seemed surreal to me, as I'm so use to doing everything and never get anything for free. 

We went for three night’s north Scotland in lovely cottage with hot tub and plenty of green space with children's play facilities all enclosed it was lovely, we didn't want it to end.  Whilst there my son had loads of fun and I managed to relax and enjoy him more by being more involved in his games other than rushing around thinking about next routine thing I needed to do and I think my son enjoyed my company also. 

This break really allowed me and my son to relax and forget about routines.  The whole timing and processing of this short break meant the world to me everything was spot on and great timing. I actually felt humbled and valued as a person and a Carer, this is massive to me. 

Big hugs to Alison the kind woman who listened to me sobbing my eyes out and to Stuart McInnes for background work that I didn't have to do. Last but not least I want to thank the whole team involved at the carer's centre for all their support and for allowing us to use this resource, you are all valuable in my eyes, (((Big Hugs))) to you all." 

Maureen xxxx.