My daughter and I were lucky enough to have a short break recently, paid for by the carers centre. My daughter is 16 and has ASD and mental health issues. Shes not in education and I'm her carer and I'm a single parent. Her needs are such that I am unable to work. She has a lot of sensory issues and it can be hard for her to leave the house because of her anxiety so it was a big question as to whether she would manage the break. She was able to and she told me it was the best holiday of her life and that crossing the water, to Hunters Quay in Dunoon, made her feel she was leaving her worries behind.

The cabin was dog friendly so she could bring her little dog who is her constant companion and a great reassurance to her when shes feeling anxious. We were able to stretch the money to cover a cabin with a hot tub because we were only away 2 nights and she just loved that experience.

We are both so grateful and it did us both the world of good. I could never have afforded to take her away and she really did relax, and she proved to herself that she can do it!