Lauren is a registered carer within the centre for her husband who has a physical disability, alongside her brother in law who has a mental health condition and is alcohol dependent. 

The dual caring role can be exhausting and is affecting her own wellbeing through increased stress and difficulty with sleeping. Lauren felt that she needed a break in which she could switch off for a bit and take time for herself. Having seen the information on social media regarding the Time to Live Funding, Lauren had applied through the centre website for noise cancelling earphones to support her to get a break from caring. 

The earphones allow Lauren to tap into relaxation apps on her mobile phone at home, wind down by listening to music which blocks out the noise around her, allowing her some time to herself at home or outdoors. 

image of sony heeadphones

Being able to use these earphones outdoors has provided an incentive to get out walking again whilst taking a break from caring which is hard when you live in the same house as the person you care for. As the earphones work alongside my mobile phone, I know that if I am needed I can be contacted but also have the benefit of taking them wherever I go and can use them time and time again. I have trouble sleeping and these particular earphones are also comfortable without getting tangled up which help towards a better night's sleep. I use them along with a sleep app which was recommended by my GP too.

The purchase of this equipment has provided me with the opportunity to access some 'me time' for longer and in a number of ways whether it be sleep, relaxation or through the enjoyment of music which I personally prefer to an overnight stay.