I have been registered at the Carers Centre for less than a year and their help and support has been invaluable. I recently found out through the service that I could apply for a family break through their Family Short Break Project. I filled out an application form and waited on a response.

When Stuart called me to say we had been accepted, I was very overwhelmed, I even cried when I came off the phone. I called my husband who was also delighted that we where getting the chance to go away together on holiday. He works full time and is the main breadwinner of the family. With a 9 year old and 14 year old at home, it isn't easy so, like most families, putting food on the table, clothes on our back and paying the bills are our priorities.

My daughter has additional needs and I am her main carer. Although she is at school and I work part time, there are 4 of us at home - myself, my daughter and my husband and son. We don't often get 'family time' together and this break gave us the opportunity for some quality and well needed time away from home and my daughters strict routine. Our home life can be stressful and full on. This holiday helped us connect with each other and have a more relaxed time together. I myself have a mental illness and this time away would give me time to have some self care and support.

We had a 4 night break at a caravan park and I saved up some Tesco vouchers for some days out. In keeping with my daughters needs, everything was planned before we went and a schedule put in place. We chose somewhere that there was loads to do as my daughter has unending energy....albeit exhausting for the family.

We took some food from home, the children got some pocket money and we had 3 full days out.

It is such an expense for families to take a holiday and with our family struggling to make ends meet most months, this was an invaluable experience for us.

We are truly appreciative and grateful that we had the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and able to have lots of new experiences together. As my daughters main carer, it helped me recharge my own batteries and have some quality time with my son too. It helped us to connect more as a family and we laughed and laughed and laughed.....something we have not done in such a long time.