The Benefits of Cycology

Elizabeth was delighted when the exercise bike she had applied for through Inverclyde Carers Centre’s Coronavirus Emergency Breaks Fund arrived, courtesy of Amazon.

For twenty five years, Elizabeth has provided support to her daughter who lives with her. Initially she was able to share this support with her husband, but since his death she is the sole Carer.

Elizabeth’s daughter was diagnosed with a serious mental health condition while still at school and has struggled with depression and anxiety since her early teens until the present day. Due to the severity of this illness, she relies on her mother to provide the emotional and practical care she requires. This includes monitoring her moods; managing her medication;arranging and accompanying to appointments; dealing with her correspondence and encouraging her to try to integrate more with others.

“While, my aim is to encourage independence in my daughter, I find that her lack of confidence prevents her from dealing with many of the daily tasks which others carry out with ease. Although sad that she needs my support, I am obviously happy to provide it,” is how Elizabeth describes the role she plays in her daughter’s life.

Carers at the Centre often talk about how important physical exercise is to help them cope with stress but admit that their caring role can make it difficult to engage in regular activities.  Elizabeth was delighted therefore to be able to access the Emergency Breaks Fund to enable her to buy something which she can use in the comfort of her home.

 "My new exercise is great,” she tells me. It is a folding one so takes up very little space. I can use it anytime but usually enjoy peddling away while watching television. I’m hoping that it will both help get me fit and help me cope with the restrictions imposed by this pandemic which has so changed our lives. I am really grateful that a fund has been available to support Carers at this time and that I personally was able to benefit from it.

image of a indoor exercise bike