Hi I am Aileen, I attended Inverclyde Carers Centre last April.  I help look after my mum who has various medical issues.  During the meeting with Anne-Marie she mentioned the various help for carers.  One of the forms of support was receiving Time to Live funding which enables the carer to apply for to pursue a hobby or interest.  

I applied for the Time to Live funding to enable me to purchase a new camera, I am keen amateur photographer and would love to take my photography skills further. I was delighted to get the funding to enable me to purchase a new camera, some accessories for the camera and a small course to improve my photography skills.  I used the camera over the summer while on holiday in Niagara Falls Canada 2019 visiting friends, and in Scotland when I had visitors over from Spain in September 2019.  I have made photobooks to document the photos I have taken, I also make family and friends calendars with my pictures on them. I made my own Christmas cards this year using photos I have taken through the years.  I have also made some canvases of my photos and turned some into 5d diamond art photos.   

However during the later part of 2019 I took unwell myself and ended up in January 2020 spending approximately 3 weeks in hospital with a Heart Condition.  When I got out of hospital I was to do some light exercise.  In March covid struck and due to my heart condition I was on the at risk group and not able to leave the house or garden for a bit.  I signed up for some small online photography courses to keep my mind active and to enable me to take my photography to a higher level.  When the shielding was lifted I decided to make use of my camera again and take local photos of the area.  I take my camera and go walking around local areas and not only was it helping me with my heart condition and exercise which my nurse wanted me to do, it gave me that added encouragement to get out do my exercise but take photos and document 2020 using my camera.   It also when I go out during the pandemic has got my mum coming out on occasions with me.  


The photos I have on the website are photos I have taken with the camera that the Time to Live funding provided.  I will continue using my camera to not only improve and enhance my passion for photography and also my new found passion of getting out walking to help my heart condition.   I will also be using some of the photos I have taken during the year and lock down to make my family and friends calendars for 2021 and Christmas cards again.  I am always looking to enhance my knowledge of photography and to occupy my mind by doing some further online courses in photography.  My dream is to become a professional photographer.