What is an adult carer support plan?

An adult carer support plan (ACSP) starts with a conversation where you discuss your caring role and what is important to you in your life. It helps plan what could help you work towards your goals.

All Carers are entitled to an adult carer support plan.

It will be carried out by someone from Inverclyde Council/HSCP. The conversation is private and in a place convenient for you such as your home or over the phone, you may be given a questionnaire to complete. You have the option to bring the person you're caring for or a family member, friend or a Carer support worker (chat to us about this).

What will you be asked?

It can help to think of a typical day helping the person you care for and make a note of your needs and concerns. If the caring situation changes a lot over time, think about what a good and bad day look like. Some examples of what you could discuss include:

  • How much time do you provide care per week? What sorts of activities and tasks do you do? Are you able to manage other responsibilities? What support do you need?
  • Do you have any health problems and how does your caring role impact this? Does your caring role impact your mental health? Does the person you care for have any health problems you struggle to manage?
  • Your feelings and choices. Are you able to provide care.
  • Helping you plan for emergencies.
  • Planning for the future and setting personal goals – helping you to have a life alongside caring.

Why is an adult carer support plan important?

An ACSP helps you to think about what support you might need in your caring role and what could help you to have a life alongside caring. The plan sets out any needs you have and how they will be met.

Making a plan also helps to decide which level you reach in the local eligibility criteria for support. This will be used to decide what support you have a right to. No matter what level you are, every carer can access information and support from community organisations like your local Carers Centre and you may also be able to access other forms of support too.

What now?

If you think an ACSP is something that could benefit you then get in touch with us and we can help start this process for you: call 01475 735180 or email [email protected].

More Information

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