A short break is quality time when Carers and those they care for can recharge their batteries and catch their breath. It might be a few hours to pursue a hobby or activity, catch up with friends for lunch, or read a book. Or it might be a few days away, either together or separately. It might be having time apart, or having quality time together away from the daily routine.

Time to Live is a part of the Creative Breaks programme and is where we make grants available to individual Carers directly so that they can choose, arrange and pay for the short break that suits them best. 

Who can access Time To Live breaks?

  • Carers who are registered with Inverclyde Carers Centre.
  • Carers who live with the person being cared for.
  • Carers who have not accessed group breaks through ICC in the last 12 months.
  • Carers who have not been referred or receiving short breaks from HSCP.
  • Short breaks are available to Carers of all ages, gender, ethnicity, religion, race, sexual orientation, disability, caring responsibilities, economic and political affiliation. 

What costs can be met?

A maximum of £300 will be made directly to the Carer to ensure they have choice and control over their break.

How do carers access breaks?

Carers who have identified their need for a short break through their Carers Self Assessment’s (CSA), and are not already being referred to or accessing short breaks from HSCP as a Carer, can apply to Time To Live.

We will provide a Shared Care Short Breaks planner that may help you, as a Carer,  to think about the kind of things that would give you the best possible short break. A Carer Support Worker will then discuss options with you and complete report.

This will then be passed to the quarterly grants panel for consideration. All applications will be considered individually.  We have funding for 24 awards therefore unfortunately we know that some Carers may be disappointed should their application not be successful. 


What difference do we hope short breaks will make?

  • 24 Carers will have access to short breaks from their caring role.
  • 24 Carers will feel better supported to sustain their caring role.
  • 24 Carers will have more opportunities to live a life outside of caring.