Kidz to Adultz Exhibition

We recently organised a trip for our Carers of children with additional support needs to attend the Kidz to Adultz exhibition in Edinburgh.

The Kidz to Adultz events are organised by Disabled Living. Disabled Living has been organising the events since 2001 and now hold five of the largest FREE UK exhibitions totally dedicated to children and young adults up to 25 years with disabilities and additional needs, their parents, Carers and all the professionals who support and work with them.

The event went really well and provided lots of information and advice from over 300 exhibitors ranging from legal services to respite breaks.

One exhibitor we found really interesting was the Independent Living Fund. They are introducing a new scheme to provide an opportunity for young disabled people aged 16 to 21 to achieve goals, which will enable them to actively contribute to their communities and engage in society. The funding will be short term to allow the young person to make a difference to their life.

This fund is expected to go live in November 2017. We will be providing support with applications.

Follow the link for further information