What is Carers Allowance Supplement?

Carers Allowance Supplement (CAS) is an extra payment for Carers in Scotland. It will be paid as a lump sum twice a year to people in receipt of Carer’s Allowance on the qualifying date.

When will I receive it?

As this is the first payments Social Security Scotland will make they want to make sure these payments are paid safely and securely to people. For that reason payments will be issued over a phased period.  The vast majority of payments will be made by the end of September, with more complex cases completed by Thursday 15 October. Payment will be made using the same method that people get their Carer’s Allowance from the DWP.

Carers will receive a letter explaining the payment to them.  

How much is it?

Carers Allowance Supplement will be two payments of £221. Each payment will cover six months. 

How do I claim CAS?

You do not need to do anything. As long as you are (or were) in receipt of Carers Allowance on the qualifying date, you will receive the payment automatically.

Will it Impact other benefits?

Carers Allowance Supplement will not affect other benefits such as housing benefit, income support, universal credit or council tax reduction.

To find out more about Carer’s Allowance Supplement please visit www.mygov.scot/carers-allowance-supplement/ or call the Social Security Scotland helpline for free on 0800 182 2222.

If you would like to discuss any financial impact that your caring role is having on you, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01475 735180.