I was a founder member of the Board which was created from the Carers Council, I was approached by Graham Johnson to help set up a Carers Group about 20 years ago, Graham was employed by Inverclyde Community Department.

The Carers Council which was formed by the Group that Graham set up was the people who campaigned for the establishment of the Carers Centre and when it was decided by the Council to have a  Centre established we underwent considerable training to set up a Company limited by guarantee.

As the board comprises of Carers and ex Carers I work with people who have similar experiences and problems I have encountered.

I hope the Carers Centre is a place where Carers can come for advice, where they can meet with Carers, perhaps hear how other Carers managed to solve their problems, and have a certain amount of fellowship with other Carers which was the original aim when the Centre as established. This is why I and the other original members of the board became involved.