My name is Innes Carmichael and I am a volunteer at the Inverclyde Carers Centre. 

For a number of years I had been assisting my elderly Mum and not regarding myself as a Carer.  Mum was still in her own home and we were lucky that she lived very close to us. Gradually the caring role became bigger and more complex and I began to feel that I wasn't doing a good job of things. 


A couple of years ago things reached crisis point and Mum was admitted to hospital and this was the start of a very dark period, however, it was just at this point that I was made aware of the Carer Support Workers based at the Larkfield Unit and that was when the family began receiving help, support and very helpful information which guided us through. 


The people at the Carers Centre saved my sanity and were a direct influence in improving things greatly for my Mum as well. Mum is now in a Care Home locally and receiving excellent care and so I decided to "give something back" by becoming a volunteer. Did I say "give something back”? I gain more than I give I reckon. Meeting interesting people and learning new skills and having fun too while easing life a little for Carers and those they care for - what better way is there to use some time?