The Centre is currently providing training to any staff within the Inverclyde area who work with or come into contact with Carers. This is conjunction with the new Carers Act Scotland, which was implemented in April this year. The aim of the training is to raise awareness of Carers with professionals who, in turn, will provide them with information on the support available.

The group of Volunteers who have personal experience of being a Carer perform throughout the short training programme as a way of educating people on what it is like to be a Carer for someone.

Any worker interested in attending the training programme, which will run throughout the year, can contact the centre for information.

1000 - Start of training

1300 - Finished

Catering will be provided for this training.

Testimonials from people who have attended this training can be on the Carers Act Training - Testimonials page of our website.