Tracey is a single parent of 2 children aged 10 & 14. One of her children as ADHD and the other has Aspergers. Tracey herself suffers from severe COPD and Asthma.

Tracey has been registered with the Inverclyde Carers Centre for some years and seen a post on our Facebook page, regarding potential funding of up to £150 for items or services, which enable those looking after the most vulnerable people in Inverclyde to have a break from their caring role.

Tracey completed the online application form for the funding, and had applied for a new mobile phone. Tracey had stated that a new mobile phone would greatly help her, as her current one was broken. This would allow her to keep on top of any hospital appointments for her children, as she had missed some already due to the broken mobile phone, causing her a great deal of stress and anxiety.

image of a mobile phone

A new mobile would enable her to sit and de-stress from her Caring role in the evenings by watching some movies/TV shows on the mobile phone.

Tracey was successful in her application and received a new mobile phone not long afterwards. 

In the weeks after receiving the mobile phone, Tracey has come back to tell us that the mobile phone has proved invaluable. She is now less stressed as she can keep up to date with her daughter’s hospital appointments . Tracey has been using the mobile phone after her children have went to sleep, and watches movies/TV shows to relax from her demanding caring role.

An additional benefit she has found having the mobile phone is that it allows her to do online shopping. This takes the stress away of her of having to go shopping with her children and wait in long queues, increasing the chances of catching Coronavirus. Tracey has also been using the phone to contact family members and friends via video calling. This is preventing Tracey from worrying about catching Coronavirus from friends and family, which is helping her feel less isolated.  Feeling isolated can be very difficult during lockdown, especially as a single parent that is shielding. Carer has quoted “I can video call my family and friends leaving me feeling better and not isolated as I am a single parent so taking to them on video has lifted my mood on many occasions”.