We recently asked a few the Carers who attend our knitting group to share their stories with us. Here are a few:

"I can't remember who told me about the Carers Centre but it was the best thing that I could have done. I have a great family who are always there for me but sometimes it is better to speak to someone in the some boat as yourself that can understand. We dont sit and complain but we can talk about some things that happen at home and the ladies all understand as they have been there. I would advise anyone who has the who is a Carer to join. We have some great times & lets you forget your problems for a little while."

"I wouls like to pass on the great experience I have has since I was put in touch with the Carers. My husband was very incapacitated and had dementia, so my life was very restricted. The district nurses attended to my husband but one day the nurse said she wa there to see me. She advised me to contact the Carers, and it was the best thing I could have done. I attend once a week and the other ladies have made such a difference in my life. Take that step and you will be surprised the difference it makes."

"I came to the Carers Centre a number of years ago because i needed help. I didn't see myself as a Carer as I was looking after family members.I just got on with it. The help Ii have recieved now makes me feel I am not alone anymore. I am more confident to ask for help. I share my troubles sometimes with tears and sometimes with laughter. I enjoy my weeking knitting group and meeting new friends."

Our knitting group meets in the Centre every Monday at 11am till 1pm. Why not pop along and join in.