Jane cares for her mother who is housebound due to a number of health issues. As well as caring for mum’s day to day needs, she is a fulltime student at her local college and looks after her 10 year old son Mark. Juggling each aspect of her life was becoming tiresome and involves numerous bus trips back and forward each week to care for mum. Sometimes the combination of college, being a Carer for mum in addition to being a parent, meant that Jane was spending a third of her time travelling to where she needs to be which had impacted upon the time she had to herself.

Jane had mentioned this was taking its toll on her and really wanted to save up for driving lessons; with having access to mum’s mobility car as an incentive, she only needed to save up enough money to cover the costs of getting her through her test. Her incentive was to save time, enabling her to enhance her quality of life by reducing the amount of time she was spending travelling back and forth for her caring role.

Having discussed this idea with a Carer Support Worker; Jane was encouraged to complete a short breaks planner to highlight the need for a break away from caring. This was then discussed in more detail and an application was made to the Time to Live fund. As a result, Jane was awarded £300 towards the cost of driving lessons giving her a head start on achieving her goal of passing her test.