Gordon cares for his Wife who has progressive Multiple Sclerosis and requires help with personal care several times a day, meaning that he has to be in close proximity to her. His Wife has previously received support from external Carers, several times a day for many years but has recently reduced the number of times that Carers are visiting due to the risk of Coronavirus. If his Wife was to get symptoms then this could make her extremely unwell due to how her MS affects her respiratory system.

Gordon was also worried about passing any infection on to his Wife because of having to go out to a local shop to buy essential shopping so requested a referral for PPE to be made by Inverclyde Carers Centre to the PPE Hub managed by HSCP.

Gordon feels that the joint work between the services has been ‘fantastic’ and has found the process of the initial referral process through to receiving the PPE very quick and straight forward and received the PPE within 24 hours. Having this equipment has meant that his stress levels have been lowered as the risk of infecting his Wife has been reduced.